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released March 8, 2014

Yuri Deryous - Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Jean Custer - Drums
Walter Aires - Guitars
Emerson Dylan - Bass

Guest musicians: Willian Scott - flute on track 6, Victor Paron - Synth solo on track 6
Backing vocals: Karol Di Horus, Larissa Casimiro and Raquel García

Recorded, mixed and produced by Yuri Deryous at Estúdio RM, São Paulo, Brazil. Mastered by Leonardo Liolino at Estúdio Produssom, São Paulo, Brazil.

Cover artwork and logo by Yuri Deryous, original photo by Fe Calegaretti
Back cover artwork by Arianne Cordeiro, original photo by Fe Calegaretti



all rights reserved


Quialtera Sao Paulo, Brazil

Quiáltera is a brazilian Prog Metal/ Prog Rock band formed in 2011.
After releasing their 'debut' Jgmglibtz, the band is currently preparing to do some shows while working on new songs for the next record, which may be released later this year. ... more

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Track Name: The Sounds We're Made Of
It's there, just waiting to come out
Inspiration, a blast of words
In little dreams we bring to life
But there are times when nothing works
And though we're feeling miserable
I know the value in the notes of my music
I know the time that I've spend fighting for it
And I tell you

Art is not for cowards

We need someone to share the magic
Transfuse the lines of our love

We put your lives in rhymes and chords
And sell our sorrow for some coins of hope
We're artists
Prepotent bastards begging for your attention
Asking comprehension
Let if flow if you have something to say
Let it go if there's no reason to stay

Spread the curtains, let us play
Track Name: Permanent Perception
Tried to abdicate human reasons
Wouldn't it be nice to have nothing left to hurt?
But then again I feel this smell in the air
Fleeting me as a fragment of a dream
It is the rain falling from a bitter solid cloud

Leaves are dying somewhere
And here we are surrounding by the illusions of significance
Tellin' tales about the colours in the sky
Struggling to rid the desperation of this life
We won't refrain the silence of existence
By searching patterns in the storm

There's no grandeur to claim
When we find ourselves alone
Should I give up my abstractions
And wander out in chaos?

Can't stand this endless repetition
To fill our days with emptiness
Inconclusive conclusions to entertain our very doubts
The absurd is permanent in it's ephemerality

Though we are just as dense as a raindrop through the air, Cutting heights
Going towards the end

*So many ways to wait and live and die for nothing
Seems we’re building something that won’t last, but we're building something that we love

*Not sung
Track Name: Fuck The Folk
Feed your children with gas and smoke
Sell their minds for some nikes and cokes
Feels so cool with a brand new car
Despite the low traffic, act like a star

The man of the year finances the disease
He’s working hard to cure, for you
Solemn whores have the finest clothes
To disguise and better hide inner monstrosity

Look carefully and you’ll see
The mend of little whims inside the hearts of us all

In school you were taught to be a pawn and walk straight lines to fit in this desolation
Programed to work and buy - you never think for yourself
Giants of steel and opulence forces the world into a collective indolence
You watch the reality shows as your own life is stolen
While there are children starving to death, tv preachers charges the tenth part of your salary
For little blessings and a place in heaven
From where comes the money for mansions, cocaine, fancy cars and whores?
That’s a fucking miracle, for sure!

The values are incoherent
But we are all so civilized
My bills are getting paid
Oh, we are all so civilized
Our asses will be saved
‘cause we are all so civilized

So kick the dead to beyond the grave
And come with us to rape the land

Empty your pockets, give even your pants
Offer your life to priests and saints
No matter the crime, no matter what price
The morning after you’ll be praying again
Track Name: Take a Ride
Step by step, don’t lose yourself
Through the gardens of virtue in streets of filth
Step by step, among deadly ways
Be the eye of the drifter in this landscape of lies
Step by step, you know the way
There is the door you’ve never opened before

Pursuing times when you were safe in the arms of your mother
In the first days of the lessons learned
You’ve reached the state of blind vanity
Hunting for promisses you fuel the machine

Misled, you celebrate the fall of your brothers
Soon you’ll be digging the graves for your friends
Before silence hides it’s face inside your mouth

Try to reach
The voice of reason in your heart
Or you may fall alone
Waiting for something that will never come
Be aware
Of enemies inside your mind
Controlling all your thoughts
While you bleed for their useless god

Would you remember another time
And then create another line
Later, when you find it all
Devouring you alive
Black sky – you’re getting near
Take a ride to see what lies beneath
Reality of fools, stupidity
All the illusions you believe

Try to reach
The voice of reason in your heart
Or you may fall alone
Waiting for something that will never come
Be aware
Of enemies inside your mind
Controlling all your thoughts
While you bleed for their useless god